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Adorable Labradoodle Brings Joy to Amputee

Adorable Labradoodle Brings Joy to Amputee

A year ago, 25-year-old Georgia native Aimee Copeland cut her leg falling from a zip line near the Tallapoosa River. A deadly bacteria entered her body.

After a series of trips to the hospital and months in rehab, Aimee is still recovering from the loss of her hands, feet and entire right leg.

Now she has a new helper: a black labradoodle named Belle.

Aimee Copeland and her new friend
Aimee Copeland and her new friend Photo -Good Morning America/(WSBTV)

“Belle, who is a year old, started training when she was a 3-month-old puppy, said her trainer Crystal Callahan, who owns the Psychiatric Service Dog Academy and Registry in Cocoa, Fla. Belle will be able to help Copeland get back up if she falls down, pick things up if she drops them and deliver her medications on time.

“I’m just loving her and so excited to have that new addition and that new help,” Copeland told WSB-TV, the ABC News affiliate in Atlanta.

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