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Christopher Reeves Foundation Peer Mentoring Program

  • Jan, Wed, 2013

Christopher Reeves Foundation Peer Mentoring Program

From Bill Cawley, Director Peer & Family Support Program

Christoper & Dana Reeve Foundation

“Would you be interested in becoming a certified Reeve Foundation Peer Mentor at the upcoming training in New Orleans, Louisania?

The Reeve Foundation has scheduled a one-day peer mentor training on January 22, 2013. This is the only training we have scheduled for the New Orleans area, so if you are interested we strongly urge you to apply. Apply for consideration at www.reevepeermentor.org.

There is a significant gap in care and services for people living with paralysis, their family, friends and caregivers. The Reeve Foundation is looking to fill that void with our Peer & Family Support Program, a national peer mentoring program. You can help by becoming a Reeve Certified peer mentor.

The Reeve Foundation’s Peer & Family Support Program mission is to empower people living with paralysis, their families and caregivers by helping them to live full, healthy, active lives. By sharing emotional support, honest advice and real-world experiences with people seeking support, a peer mentor helps to improve the lives of others dealing with the many unique challenges faced by our community.

The Reeve Foundation is actively seeking people living with paralysis, family members and caregivers to become volunteer peer mentors. The people who can have the greatest impact on others’ lives are those who have been there and are thriving. A Reeve Foundation peer mentor will go through a specialized certification process that will include on-line work in advance of an on-site training.

Are you interested in becoming a Reeve Foundation Peer Mentor? Apply for consideration at www.reevepeermentor.org.

To inquire about the Peer & Family Support Program, please contact the Paralysis Resource Center at 800-539-7309 or email Bill Cawley at bcawley@christopherreeve.org.”