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The Magnolia Hotel

Magnolia Hotel (Mardi Gras Museum)
Magnolia Hotel (Mardi Gras Museum)

The Magnolia Hotel was constructed in 1847 for John Hahn, who operated a coffeehouse in New Orleans. Originally, the hotel was a 2 ½ -story, wood frame building with plastered exterior walls that measured 54 feet (16m) on each side. The exterior walls were recessed 7 feet (2.1m). A central hall extended front to back on both floors. The first floor had paired rooms on either side of the hall.  The second floor hall had six rooms on either side. The hotel was originally located near the beach, facing south, toward the Mississippi Sound.

John Hahn died in 1848, but his wife operated the hotel to accommodate guest from New Orleans, because Biloxi had become a popular resort destination on the Gulf Coast. After the Civil War, the hotel became a destination for winter guest from northern states who were attracted to the milder climate. The hotel was operated by descendants of John Hahn through World War ll when it closed. It is thought to be the oldest surviving hotel on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

In 1969 Hurricane Camille inflicted considerable damage to the building. Because of its historical significance, the City of Biloxi acquired the hotel in 1972 and moved it to a higher elevation just 100 yards north of its original location. The structure was orientated east and restored. Hurricane Katrina in 2005 also caused extensive damage and restoration was required to repair the damage. It is the only surviving antebellum hotel structure in the area.



Address: 119 Rue Magnolia

City: Biloxi

County: Harrison

Phone: 228.435.6308

Hours of operation:  The house has been sold to private owner.

Accessibility: accessible ramps; accessible bathroom