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Scranton Fire Company No. 1 (Scranton’s Restaurant)

Scranton Fire Company #1 (Scranton's Restaurant)
Photo courtesy of Scranton Fire Company #1 (Scranton’s Restaurant)

The Scranton Fire Company was a volunteer fire company that first came together on Oct 22, 1883, out of necessity, to fight a raging fire. The early fire station served as a voting place, banquet hall, political gatherings, and a place for preachers on Sunday.

The men of Fire House No 1 could always be counted on but they were no match for two fires that leveled the downtown area in 1921.  The first came in the night at 1 a.m. on Feb 25th, more than half the town’s businesses were destroyed or damaged. Within four months, on July 19, a second blaze would raze what remained, gutting more than 50 homes and businesses.  Local historian Arthur Smith, in his column, described it as “devastating, out of control”. The two blazes completely destroyed the small town giving rise to the consolidated one City of Pascagoula and uniting the townspeople into one community with a mission, to rebuild stronger.

Work began in June 1924 on the new fire hall. Built with money raised by the Scranton Company, the hall became not just a fire engine station but also a new city hall.  The Pascagoula Central Fire Company No 1 was newly re-named the Scranton Fire Company No.1.

Built along classic mission adobe lines at its front, the hall was spacious and well-appointed with all the modern conveniences of the day. Half of the lower first floor housed the fire equipment, lounging room for the firefighters, shower/baths, dressing rooms, and lockers. The city hall was located in the other half of the first floor. The front of the first floor had a main hall, clerk’s department for paying taxes, water and electric bills, other city matters as were needed. Behind the clerk’s offices was the Mayor’s office and city court room. Back behind all of the offices was the cells for prisoners, a lavatory, and janitorial closet. The second floor was used for a municipal hall and meetings of the Fire Company. All the speeches, ceremonies were over by suppertime and the town made ready for the climax which was the Grand Ball in the city’s new Fire and City Hall.

Over the years the brave men of Scranton Fire Company have been celebrated and at times they were mourned but the townspeople have always been grateful to them for their dedication and service.

The Fire House is now home to Scranton’s Restaurant, and the full story of this amazing building is on their website.

Address: 623 Delmas Ave.

City: Pascagoula

County:  Jackson

Phone: 228.769.5944

Website: www.scrantons.com

Accessibility:  accessible ramp to entrance; accessible bathroom