Disability Connection


Gulfport Playground Build

Disability Connection Community Playground

at Bruce Ladner Memorial Park on Hwy 53, Gulfport


In 2012, Disability Connection recognized the need for a fully accessible playground for families in Harrison County.  Through their efforts, a generous contribution by Kim Savant, District 2 Supervisor of Harrison County, and additional community friends, a completely accessible playground is now a reality.

This playground has specialized equipment specifically designed not only for children with disabilities, but for adults with disabilities who have children, like many of our Veterans, and also for very young children who can’t normally use playground equipment.

The Disability Connection Community Playground has a variety of specialized equipment designed for everyone to play, a lighted walking track, benches, accessible bathrooms, shade, and ample parking. For access to the accessible bathrooms, contact Harrison County Parks @ (228) 832-8620.

Specialized equipment includes: roller table (modified slide), swing with harness, fun sensory play-wall panels especially designed for those autism, the omnispin spinner (a safe alternative to the merry-go-round), the oodle swing (a dish swing for children with significant disabilities), and many more pieces designed for young children and children with disabilities.

This fully accessible playground at the Bruce Ladner Memorial Park now successfully serves as a field trip designation for special education classes, schools, and community homes for individuals with and without disabilities across several counties.

“…We enthusiastically recommend…the Disability Connection Community Playground. I…understand the value that Disability Connection is to the communities of South Mississippi…”  -Phil Bryant, Former Governor of Mississippi.