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Dukate Theatre

Dukate Building
Dukate Building

William K.M. DuKate (1852-1916) was the son of John DuKate and Elizabeth Hankins and a native of Fredericksburg, Washington County, Indiana. In early November 1898, W.K.M. DuKate signed the building contract for his $40,000 Dukate Theatre with C.H. Owen and E.L. Suter.   The building completed on June 15, 1899.  In 2005, BankcorpSouth renovated the building.




It is a two-story imposing building that still retains its balconies and grand presence. Fan windows over large rectangular ones on both the first and second stories elicit the grandeur of the theatre as do the square half Doric columns.

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Address:  760 Howard Avenue (BankcorpSouth Building)

City:  Biloxi

County:  Harrison

Accessibility:  The Dukate Theatre is on the Biloxi Walking Tour.  It is accessible by wheelchair.