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A Person Can Have a Disability without Being a Disabled Person


My Point of View; Truth

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“What’s the difference between “having a disability” and “being disabled”? It all comes down to two sociological theories: the medical/individual model of disability and the social model of disability,”says  at XOJane.com .

Lisa’s latest article discusses the medical vs. social views of disability.

“I am disabled. More specifically, I am disabled by a society that places social, attitudinal and architectural barriers in my way,” asserts Lisa. “This world we live in disables me by treating me like a second-class citizen because I have a few impairments  — most obviously a mobility impairment.

“There are many who would argue that they do have a disability. They point out that even if all barriers put in place by society were removed,they’d still have things they can’t do.”


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The Disability Community is Politically Engaged

National Youth Transitions Center Logo“The sheer number of people with disabilities makes them an important voting block, researchers say, but turnout among the group is severely lagging,” said  of DisabilityScoop.com .

A recent survey of more than 1000 found that “those touched by special needs are turning out to vote in high numbers and care deeply about candidate views on supports and services.”

“Too many politicians across the political spectrum have been ignoring disability issues for too long,” said Will Swenson, political director at United Cerebral Palsy, one of more than 45 disability organizations that are part of the Youth Transitions Collaborative which commissioned the survey. “Our community votes and we are going to be paying very close attention to whether elected officials are fighting for us or not.”

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Adorable Labradoodle Brings Joy to Amputee

A year ago, 25-year-old Georgia native Aimee Copeland cut her leg falling from a zip line near the Tallapoosa River. A deadly bacteria entered her body.

After a series of trips to the hospital and months in rehab, Aimee is still recovering from the loss of her hands, feet and entire right leg.

Now she has a new helper: a black labradoodle named Belle.

Aimee Copeland and her new friend
Aimee Copeland and her new friend Photo -Good Morning America/(WSBTV)

“Belle, who is a year old, started training when she was a 3-month-old puppy, said her trainer Crystal Callahan, who owns the Psychiatric Service Dog Academy and Registry in Cocoa, Fla. Belle will be able to help Copeland get back up if she falls down, pick things up if she drops them and deliver her medications on time.

“I’m just loving her and so excited to have that new addition and that new help,” Copeland told WSB-TV, the ABC News affiliate in Atlanta.

Read more about Aimee’s story and her participation in fundraising for the new organization, PawsOfMind.org at yahoo.

Heartwarming Gift Helps Autistic Boy

Corbin with his mom, Gillian
Corbin with his mom, Gillian. Photo: KGW

For many severely autistic individuals like Corbin, iPad apps — including AAC Speech Buddy, Articulate It, MetaTouch, and Scene and Heard, according to the website Autism Speaks —

can be life-changing communication tools.

When Corbin’s iPad came up missing last week, his caregiver, James Freeman, felt that he had to do something to try to help.

“I felt really bad, you know, because that is his world,” Freeman explained in a local KGW TV news story about the theft. “That’s his toy he communicates [with], it’s always glued to his hand, he doesn’t like sharing it with other people, and it just keeps him in his own calmness.”

Charles Turner, a local real estate agent, saw the news story and was so moved by it that he and his family decided  to donate 1 of 3 personal iPads to Corbin.

“For me, an iPad is largely a toy and occasionally a business convenience,” Turner told Yahoo! Shine. “To Corbin, it’s a thing of comfort and a communication tool.”

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