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New Directions Travel

New Directions Travel

New Directions believes that people with disabilities deserve the same opportunities in life that most of us take for granted. We provide an atmosphere in which people with disabilities are accepted and treated as individuals, exploring new worlds in an environment of love and respect. All our travel programs are specifically designed to give our participants the opportunity to enjoy both the simple pleasures of everyday life and the special joys of new experiences. Learning, forming new friendships, discovering hidden talents and achieving personal breakthroughs are just part of what a New Directions tour is all about.

Each year we serve over 700 teenagers, adults and seniors who have brain impairments such as mild to moderate intellectual and developmental disabilities,  cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome and autism. Since 1985, we have taken over 19,000 people with special needs on tours all over the world.

New Directions annually sponsors trips in the United States and abroad. Previous excursions have included Australia ~ Hawaii ~ New Zealand ~ Washington D.C. ~ Bahamas ~ New York City ~ Ireland ~ Las Vegas ~ Israel ~ Disneyland ~ Japan ~ Grand Canyon.