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Shearwater Pottery

Shearwater Pottery was established in 1928 by the late Peter Anderson. In 1930 he was joined in the business by his two younger brothers, the late Walter Inglis Anderson and the late James McConnell Anderson (Mac).  George Walter Anderson, a grain import/export merchant in New Orleans, Louisiana, retired in 1920, and in 1922 the family moved to Fairhaven, the name first given to the 24 acres of land now known as Shearwater. In 1928 Peter built the Shearwater Pottery workshop and showroom, and focused on throwing original pottery and creating original glazes. In 1930 Walter and Mac joined the effort by building an “annex” where they created original molds to produce castware to be hand painted. The Annex is now staffed with Anderson family members as well as others. The main decorators today are Peter’s daughter, Patricia Anderson Findeisen, and Mac’s daughter, Adele Anderson Lawton. The Annex continues to produce high quality hand painted castware based on the original molds, and decorated underglaze ware.

Shearwater Pottery is crafted using two distinct clay bodies. A white bodied clay made mainly from “ball clay” obtained from Tennessee is used to create “underglaze” cast-ware from molds created by various family members. The cast pieces are hand painted or originally decorated. A buff bodied clay made largely from clay obtained from local Mississippi and Alabama sources is used to create thrown, jiggered or cast pieces, and, unless decorated by one of Shearwater’s decorators, it is glazed with one of Shearwater’s unique glazes.

Shearwater Pottery Entrance

Address: 102 Shearwater Drive                        

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 737

City:  Ocean Springs, MS 39564

Phone: (228) 875-7320

Admission: Free                                                        

Website:  www.shearwaterpottery.com

Tours: Please call ahead concerning guided tours for small or large groups.

*Please drive slowly on the pottery road. There are usually children, pets and others using the road!  

Accessibility:  Click here for detailed accessibility information.