Disability Connection


Camp Akeela

Camp Akeela

Camp Akeela campers are boys and girls completing grades 3-10 who are excited about a traditional camp experience that supports their social growth. Parents and teachers describe them as bright, kind, creative and well-behaved. They have above average intelligence and are typically academically successful in mainstream school settings, although may receive extra help with executive functioning skills, social pragmatics, or other social deficits.

Our campers genuinely enjoy interacting with peers, but often struggle to make deeper, more meaningful social connections. They may need practice and guidance in reading non-verbal cues, exhibiting conversational empathy, or understanding social nuances. Families often report that, without facilitation, their children tend to socialize more easily with younger kids or adults.

Many of our campers have a diagnosis of Asperger’s or a similar ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) profile. Others may have ADD/ADHD or a social-based learning difference such as NLD. While not all campers have a diagnosis, they all share a desire to be part of a community that “gets” them and where they can meet friends with similar outlooks and experiences.