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The People’s Bank of Biloxi

People's Bank of Biloxi
People’s Bank of Biloxi

In 1914, Harrison County Bank built a two-story building that would roughly cost $40,000.  By 1924, Harrison County Bank was bought by People’s Bank, and they occupy the structure to this day.


Historical Memory: “It is expected that work will begin within from thirty to forty-five days on the Harrison County Bank Building, which is to be erected on the Lemon corner, at Howard Avenue and Lameuse Street, at a cost of $40,000.  It will be five stories in height, built of brick.  R.H. Hunt, of Chattanooga, is the architect. D. J. Gay, President of the Harrison County Bank, is the owner.  Bids are soon to be asked for. “ –The American Architect Vol. XCIV., No 1722. Page 16 (1908 issue of The American Architect.)











The People's Bank Clock
The People’s Bank Clock

Address: 152 Lameuse St

City: Biloxi

County: Harrison

Accessibility:  Still operating as The People’s Bank and open to the public; wheelchair accessible