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Request for Disclosure of Public Documents

Request for Disclosure of Public Records – Overview

This policy clarifies the process to make a public records request for the legally mandated public records maintained by Disability Connection, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Disability Connection is required to make certain records available upon request, and may charge a fee for the preparation and distribution of such records. Certain records are specifically exempt from disclosure by federal or state statute. These exemptions generally are intended to prevent invasion of privacy and the use of public records for personal, commercial, or political gain; and to meet federal and state confidentiality requirements.

– Disability Connection will provide the Requestor with a notice of receiving the record request and an estimate of coasts to prepare the records no later than 5 business days from receipt of the complete request. Notice of receipt will include:

  • a copy of this policy
  • an estimate of expected cost
  • the format in which the information will be provided
  • delivery information or information about where the records can be inspected if copies are not to be delivered
  • the expected delivery date
  • information about how payment for the request can be made to Disability Connection.

Required fees must be paid before the time limit for response begins to lapse, and before the records and be delivered.

– Disability Connection is not required to respond to any records request that does not meet the complete requirements of this policy.

– A complete request that meets the requirements of this policy must include:

  • A description of the information requested, including the type of records and approximate date the record was created
  • Contact information for the requestor: name and telephone number
  • The desired format for the records to be received (hard paper copy, electronic copy by email, electronic copy on disc, CD, or other media) and the number of copies requested
  • The desired date by which the requested records are to be delivered.

Records Request Policy

A nonprofit corporation is required by federal law to provide the last three years’ information returns (Form 990 or its variants, 990-T and the original Form 1023), as follows:

– Public access must be provided immediately on request by allowing inspection of the required IRS documents at the organization’s office or offices (allowing for reasonable time to redact federally protected information from the public records requested);

– Copies of the documents must be provided within 30 days upon written request;

– 501(c)(3) organizations are not required to publicly disclose the list of names or address of individual contributors and may block out that section of Form 990 and on other materials for public viewing;

– Any fees associated with printing costs or information gathering to provide the required IRS forms can be charged and should be disclosed at the time of the request.

Fees for Duplication of Records

I. Single-sided printed or photocopied pages: Each single-sided printed or photocopied page will be charged at$0.25 per page.

II. Double-sided printed or photocopied pages: Each double-sided printed or photocopied page will be charged at $0.50 per page.

III. Other Media Types: Actual cost of materials will be charged for producing information on other media types, including CD and DVD.

Fees for Delivery of Duplicated Records

I. On-site Delivery: There will be no delivery charge for records picked up at the location where the records exist.

II. Facsimile: There will be a charge of $0.30 for each page faxed.

III. Mail or Other Delivery Service: The actual cost of mailing or shipping the materials will be charged.

Request Form for Written Records Requests:

Attn: Public Records Request

Disability Connection

11975 Seaway Rd, Ste. B246

Gulfport, MS 39503

Re: Request for Disclosure of Public Records

To Whom It May Concern:

I/We, {Requestor’s Names}, request that Disability Connection and its employees

make available for inspection or provide copies of the following records:

1. _______________________________________________

2. _______________________________________________

3. _______________________________________________

___I wish to arrange to personally inspect the requested records and will review on this date: ___________________________________

___I wish to receive hard copies of the requested records by this date: __________________________________________________

___I wish to receive electronic copies of the requested records in the following format:

___E-mailed PDF ___CD ___Other:____________________

by this date: ____________________________________________

A cost estimate for these records can be sent to me by:

___E-mail, my e-mail address is: ____________________________

___Mail, my address is: _______________________________________________________


Fax, my fax number is:_________________________________

Other, please describe:__________________________________

Requestor’s Name (Print): _________________________________

Requestor’s Signature: ____________________________________

Requestor’s Telephone Number: ____________________________

Date of Request: _________________________________________

Non-Discrimination Policy

Disability Connection strives to provide all employees, directors, partners, volunteers and clients a healthy, safe, and positive environment. The climate at Disability Connection must be free from discrimination and harassment based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, disability, veteran status, or any other factors unrelated to Disability Connection’s legitimate interests.