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2021 MS Coast Community Resource Guide





Disability Connection designed the 2021 MS Coast Community Resource GuideĀ to help individuals and families in finding assistance and resources during times of unemployment or underemployment. All resources included in the guide are available for free or at minimal cost. Our sources have been drawn from thorough research and cooperative partnerships with several important Gulf Coast organizations.

The 2021 MS Coast Community Resource Guide can be downloaded by any individual or organization who wishes to share it, but the guide must remain in its original form and cannot be sold.

Printing of this publication is primarily made possible by the Walmart Community Stores, Family First Braille, Nursing Management, Gulf Coast Community Foundation, Wells Fargo, MS Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce, Maxem Health Urgent Care and Hancock Whitney.

The web edition is completely interactive. By clicking on the name of an organization within the table of contents, the guide takes the user to the corresponding page in the text. And, all web addresses are linked and take users to the appropriate organization’s website. (double click website address or highlight web address, right click and select open link)

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