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Carver Culture Museum

The Carver Culture Museum is a local African-American museum in Picayune, Mississippi containing three major sections:   Carver, Picayune, and National Black History.

  1. The History of George Washington Carver High School – from 1943-1970
  2. The Picayune Section which highlights the accomplishments of African-Americans of Picayune.
  3. A tribute of Black History.

The museum has a good collection of memorabilia of the Carver School and is a good source for local research. The Carver Room contains, artifacts, books, pictures, desks, graduation programs from 1943 to 1970, teachers’ pay scales, instruments, jerseys, band uniforms and more.  The Picayune Room has pictures of black establishments from back in the day, pictures of children from 1954 to 1955, pictures of current and past businesses, and photos of doctors, lawyers, poets, inventors and more.

Please watch video below for museum history.


Address:  1308 South Haugh Avenue

City:  Picayune

County:  Hancock

Phone:  601.347.4550

Admission:   Free

Accessibility:  wheelchair accessible