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Angel Trees

Angel Tree Beach Blvd

Drive through downtown Bay St. Louis and gaze upon “Heavenly Carved Wooden Angels.”  Once beautiful live oaks are now works of art. Doug Niolet, Kevin Guillory, and Nikki Moon survived the 40-foot-high storm surge of Hurricane Katrina by clinging to an oak tree. It died, and had to be cut down, but the three survivors had chainsaw artist Dayle Lewis carve its limbs into angels, then set them into concrete in a more visible spot only a few hundred feet from where the tree saved their lives.  Chainsaw sculptor, Dayle K. Lewis, from Indiana, transformed the tree trunks into “Angel Creations” with each approximate size/height approximately 20 feet.  Type of wood carving: Chainsaw carving in Oak.


Watch the video below of the story behind the Angel Trees.


City:  Bay St. Louis

County:  Hancock


The “Angels in the Bay” are located throughout the city:

Two of the magnificent “Carved Angels” stand in the Cedar Rest Cemetery on Second Street

One on Beach Blvd – In front of Our Lady of the Gulf Church

One near Century Hall

Two are located on the first block of Demontluzin Avenue

Accessibility:  All the trees can viewed from a vehicle.

Angel Tree Face