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Clunie/Hoffmann Heritage Library

Clunie/Hoffmann Heritage LibraryThe Clunie/Hoffman Heritage Library is the home of Hilda Hoffmann’s genealogy and history collection for South Mississippi, Louisiana, and beyond. The home was donated by Helen Clunie, the Treasurer, for Hilda Hoffmann Memorial Archive.   The Library houses a lifetime collection which Mrs. Hoffmann began when she was sixteen years old by recording all the cemeteries she could get to. She continued to fill her life with the history of southern states and its people for 74 more years.

Helen became a genealogist and historian widely known for her expertise. Her work continued without ceasing until her death on July 4, 2010, at age 92. The Library fulfills Helen’s dying wish that someday her work would be housed in Pearl River County and made available to the public for family research.


Address: 301 Williams Avenue

City: Picayune

County:  Pearl River County

Phone: 601.799.5671

Website: http://hildahoffmannarchive.org

Hours of operation: Monday-Friday 10:00am -3:00pm

Accessibility:  Sidewalk to door, accessible entrance.