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Creole Cottage (Dusti Bonge Art Foundation)

Creole Cottage
Creole Cottage

The Creole Cottage dates from the 1830s to the 1870s and follows an early Louisiana folk floor plan. The classic design includes two large rooms across the front of the building, one with a fireplace. The Cottage has two small rooms in the rear, joined by a tiny galley that has been remodeled into a kitchen and bathroom.

The Creole Cottage has withstood 140 years of hurricanes, including Katrina. The building was once the first free public library in Mississippi, and in addition, it served as a private school operated by the Kings’ Daughters of Biloxi.  Prior to its current location on Rue Magnolia, it stood across the street from Biloxi’s City Hall as a proud reminder of the Coast’s historic past.


The Foundation Office and Gallery for artist Dusti Bongé , née Eunice Lyle Swetman (1903-1993)  are now located in the Creole Cottage.

Fun Fact:

The Dusti Bonge’ gallery features rotating exhibitions of Bongé’s work and is open to the public from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. most Mondays-Fridays, except for holidays, and at other times by appointment. The DBAF participates in city–sponsored arts events.

Dusti Bongé’s prolific art career spanned more than 55 years. For more information on Dusti Bonge go to www.DustiBonge.org

Photo courtesy of www.dustibonge.org
Photo courtesy of www.dustibonge.org



Address: 132 Rue Magnolia

City: Biloxi

Country:  Harrison

Phone: 228.432.7660

Accessibility: behind the house off Ohr Street follow brick path to accessible wheelchair ramp; bathroom is accessible for person to transfer out of chair; double doors can be opened for easy entrance.