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Henriques-Slay House (c. 1902)

Henriques-Slay House
Henriques-Slay House

According to the city book “The Buildings of Biloxi: An Architectural Survey,” the Henriques-Slay House was built between 1893 and 1898. Its uniqueness is that it is one of only two with the bracketed overhang across the main façade in the City of Biloxi. Between the struts of the brackets are flat boards cut with a jigsaw in a filigree pattern. A design for a similar bracket can be found in “Detail, Cottage and Constructive Architecture,” published by A.J. Bicknell in 1873.  Such overhangs are numerous in New Orleans but scarce along the Coast area. Hurricane Katrina severely damaged the house, which was originally located on the southeast corner of Jackson and Reynoir Streets. The House was relocated to the Rue Magnolia District for restoration. It was positioned next to the Creole Cottage to help create a row of historic homes for the Biloxi Historic District Walking Tour. The Slay House, named for one of its previous owners, had been purchased by developer Al Copeland, whose estate donated it to the city after his death.

Fun Fact:  Almost Circle Gallery [ACG] is the business currently in the Henriques-Slay House. It is dedicated to providing a unique art experience through rotating art exhibits, workshops, and more. The name Almost Circle started as a drawing group intended to bring creative people together through the act of drawing while in public spaces. New friends were made through the activation of some of these often forgotten spaces. By calling it an almost circle- they hoped to celebrate the idea of embracing growth & community through art making.   For more information,  http://www.almostcircle.com/

Address: 128 Rue Magnolia                                                  

City: Biloxi

County: Harrison

Phone: 228.207.4799

Open: Tuesday-Friday 10:00AM – 5:00PM;  Saturday 11:00am-3:00pm

Accessibility:  to access Slay house go behind the Creole Cottage (next door) off Ohr Street follow brick path to accessible wheelchair ramp, go through the Creole Cottage and out front door to accessible adjoining ramp to Slay house; bathroom is accessible for person to transfer out of chair.