The Able Adventurer

The Able Adventurer will provide people who have disabilities of one kind or another, others who use wheelchairs or mobility aids to get around in the everyday life, and their families and carers, with information that will enable them to better plan their travel to other places and thus better enjoy their subsequent adventures.
Travel means planning in advance – booking tickets, reading guidebooks, perhaps learning at least a word or phrase or two in the language, perhaps booking accommodation. Only the super-adventurous will leave without such planning and there’s nothing wrong with that. But for most of us, half the fun is planning in advance. And that means knowing what you need to know before you leave and having answers to questions such as:
how will I cope with all the demands of air travel?
will my hotel be truly accessible and meet my needs?
will there be suitable local transport?
where will I be able to eat?
can I access places of interest and shops there?
will bathrooms and toilets be suitable?
are there local organisations that can help me meet my personal care needs?
where can I get help if I need it?
If such questions can’t be answered, many people with disabilities are deterred from travelling.
The Able Adventurer has been established to answer such questions so as to make travel more possible, exciting and most of all more enjoyable for more people, whether they are travelling with a partner, mates, as a family unit or independently.

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