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Palestine Gardens, Replica of the Holy Land

Experience the land of the Bible during the Life of Jesus Christ.  In 1960 in the rural piney woods of Mississippi, the late Reverend Walter Harvell Jackson built a Scale Model of the Holy Land to bring to life the events that have impacted the World. You’ll cross the River Jordan, pass the ruins of Joshua’s Jericho, see the New Testament Jericho, one of the palaces of Herod, continue on to Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Your journey will take you to cities and villages of Samaria, Galilee, and ending at the headwaters of the River Jordan. The topography of the land is accurately represented from the lowest point on the earth; the Dead Sea (1,380 feet below sea level), even to Mt. Hermon (9,223 ft. elevation) in Syria. Palestine Gardens received serious damage during Hurricane Katrina but has since been rebuilt.

Address: 201 Palestine Gardens Road

City:  Lucedale

County:  George

Telephone: 601.947.8422

Web Site: www.palestinegardens.org

E-mail: Info@palestinegardens.org

Hours of operation: open March through November

Hours and Days: Tuesday through Saturday 9am-5pm; Sunday 1pm-5pm

We ask that individuals and groups coming give us a courtesy call.  Tours usually take about an hour.  No admission fee.

Accessibility:  a golf cart is available for those having special needs