Disability Connection


As funding allows, Disability Connection will host free recreational and fishing Charter Boat trips. This program is designed to bridge a gap in the coast by bringing charter services to individuals with unique physical challenges who have previously not been given these opportunities.

Disability Connection will arrange both recreational and fishing Charter Boat trips in the Mississippi Gulf of Mexico with special priority given first to Veterans, and second to people with significant disabilities. Significant disabilities include those with paralysis and others who many not believe fishing or recreational charter trips are an option. Everything needed for this experience will be provided including meals, specialized equipment, and a CPR trained staff. A female personal assistant will assist on trips when needed. The number of Veterans participating on each trip will depend on the number of wheelchairs, medical needs, and boat capacities for the specific trips. Wheelchair boatlifts and adaptive fishing equipment will be provided as needed.

The Mission of Disability Connection is to “Create a Connected Community: to inform, assist, and participate in collaborations that engage individuals with disabilities to fully participate in their communities, eliminating barriers, and fostering cooperation and understanding.”

Goals of the program:

1. To invite Veterans with disabilities to experience one of five unique recreational experiences.

  • 4 hour Charter Fishing Trip
  • 2 -4 hour Charter Recreational Trip
  • Ship Island Excursion (round trip to Ship Island)
  • Personal Sailboat Ride
  • Inland Educational Water Tour

2. To allow Veterans with disabilities the opportunity to try a new sport while providing publicity for inclusive coast water activities.

3. To assist clients in re-embracing life-fulfilling goals, rejoining community, and feeling connected with solutions.

Our programs provide resiliency for those at-risk, educating them to new community resources, introducing them to a network of community supporters, and teaching new skills and hobbies for recreational therapeutic healing.

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