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Ocean Springs Pairs Up with Disability Connection

We are incredibly thankful for our partners, volunteers and supporters. Together, we are creating a connected community. This week, the city of Ocean Springs has partnered with our organization in support of our  Community Assist  program.

Connie Moran, Ocean Springs Mayor, says, “In order to provide information and resources for people with mental and physical disability, veterans, and for the elderly, a disability staff member will be available 20 hours per week at the new office starting next month.” (Via WXXV)


If you’re an employer who may have positions available and would consider interviewing our applicants, please contact Deborah Snyder:
office@disabilityconnection.org or (228)-870-7775.

Hero, Local Veteran Gives Back

Dave Flowers is a local hero making a huge difference.

Dave FlowersThe Dave Flowers Foundation was established for the purpose of providing critical support to veterans underserved by current public and private veteran support programs.

The Dave Flowers Foundation is focused primarily on veterans of WWII, the Korean Conflict, and the Vietnam Conflict. The service area of the foundation will be the three coastal counties of Mississippi.

“Although great emphasis has been placed on post service care for those detached from military service since Desert Storm there is a large and woeful gap between the services provided to veterans exiting military service today and the services provided to veterans of less recent wars and conflicts. Compounding the services gap is the reluctance of older veterans to ask for help; even when desperately needed. This unwillingness stems from pride, perception, and past poor experiences with veterans support organizations.The Dave Flowers foundation will help veterans overcome both real and perceived obstacles and will deliver services where gaps exist. The Dave Flowers Foundation will identify veterans of historical conflicts and war, assess their needs, and work to fulfill those needs. Services provided will include financial support for critical needs, assistance with identifying available resources, helping veterans in utilizing existing resources, and providing a helping hand with critical projects. This country owes these veterans a great debt.

The Dave Flowers Foundation mission is to ensure all veterans within our region of influence receive the care and respect they deserve.”


To read more about Dave’s story and about this wonderful organization, visit www.DaveFlowersFoundation.org

MS Megaconference logo 2014

2014 Mississippi disAbility MegaConference

Via www.msmegaconference.org

The Mississippi disAbility MegaConference is one of Mississippi’s largest conferences for individuals with disabilities, their families, and professionals.

Megaconference participantTake part in the 2014 Mississippi disAbility MegaConference by submitting a presentation proposal to one of the most diverse gatherings in the state. Be a part of change in Mississippi and participate in discussions that stimulate and invigorate the mind, body and soul. With more than 500 people expected in 2014, the MegaConference has the advantage of harnessing the brilliance of people who are the community builders of today and the trendsetters of tomorrow. This conference embraces the ideal that people with disabilities and their families can and should seek knowledge, hope, choice and fulfillment to live their best life.

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