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The Old Courthouse

Pearl River Old Courthouse
Photo courtesy of Courthouse History

Poplarville is the county seat in Pearl River County, Mississippi. The Old Courthouse was established in 1884. Then name of the city is derived from an early landowner named “Poplar” Jim Smith.  “Poplar” Jim was so named for a stand of Poplar trees on his homestead property in the County. Since the land was owned by Mr. “Poplar” Jim Smith, the County seat was named Poplarville. Poplar is the name for any of several species of trees belonging to the genus Populus of the willow family (Salicaceae). The name Populus refers to the fact that the trees were often planted around public meeting places in Roman times.  The first courthouse for Pearl River County was built on this site in 1891-1892. It served the County until it was replaced by a new courthouse constructed across the street, in 1918. As of the 2000 census, the city population was 2,601 and is noted for hosting an annual Blueberry Jubilee, which includes rides, craft vendors, and rodeos.


Address: 200 Main Street

City: Poplarville

County: Pearl River

Accessibility:  accessible ramps; accessible bathroom